March 28, 2022

'Solstice' Featured on Higher Plain Music

Dana's new single 'Solstice' was recently featured on Higher Plain Music.

'A luscious mix of symphonic composition and alternative pop, Dana Al Fardan is Qatar’s first female composer and singer-songwriter. It sounds utterly bizarre that this is a milestone we are still celebrating in 2022 but Dana, having been active in the music business for a few years now, is still trendsetting. Her new single is “Solstice”. Speaking about the single Dana said “Solstice represents the space we find within that allows our light to shine through. It’s the light that liberates the infinite glow we all hold, ‘the light that freed the sun'”. That lyric is the chorus hook and feels like a homage to her own journey in a way.

What I love about Dana Al Fardan’s music is that she mixes contemporary music alongside middle eastern traditional music. The strings are created using rababa – an Arabic bowed string instrument. The wind section is made of ney. Dana doesn’t want to call her music world fusion though, as she feels that its implied things are watered down as a result. Often, I agree. Here, everything is bold and brilliant in its own stature and that’s why the music works so well'

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