March 8, 2022

International Women's Day 2022

It was great to today be on the panel for #InternationalWomensDay2022, a day dedicated to bringing global attention to the state of women's equality, bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. Women's equality can only be achieved if we all collectively work together to #BreakTheBias. 🙅♀️

As a gender the more we collectively work together to #BreakTheBias the more we break barriers, boulders, shift mountains, total ecological transformations, shifts in tectonic platelets… (and more references to natural disasters) 😂 kidding. Our gender is the best natural beautiful disaster. Because we’re not perfect but we put our minds to something, we smash it ;-)

“Women are both the soil of the past and the seeds of the future “- Khalil Gibran 🙏  #IWD2022

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