November 12, 2021

Dana Presents: Rumi - The Musical Premiere at London Coliseum, West End

I'm so excited to officially announce Rumi the musical, where we will be taking over the London Coliseum  in London for 2 nights on the 23rd & 24th of November! Visit Rumi The Musical for more information on this very special event ahead.

Rumi - The Musical examines the transformative and powerful relationship between Rumi and his mentor Shams Tabrizi, and how this extraordinary friendship, integral to Rumi’s development as both thinker and writer, impacted the lives of Rumi’s family, friends and followers, contextualising many of his popular words and works. Co produced by Nadim Naaman based on a story by Evren Sharma. Orchestrations and Arrangements by Joe Davison.

The legacy of Rumi has touched millions around the world and continues to make an impact in its universality and utilitarian nature; a legacy which has lasted eight centuries and has inspired all nationalities, ages, faiths and backgrounds.

Tickets for both the 23rd & 24th November can be found here.