December 10, 2021

Dana Al Fardan: D'reesha Performing Arts Festival 2021

D’reesha Performing Arts Festival 2021 is a pioneering festival taking place on the 16th December that will integrate multiple disciplines, ranging from theatre and poetry to research, education, and technology. D'reesha is the first performing arts festival of its kind in Qatar, which will bring performances of all kinds to Education City, from theatre, to music to storytelling and much more It will explore the nature of performing arts and engage a new generation of innovative artists. A year-round performance lab that aims to engage and empower students will culminate in an annual festival that transforms Education City into an open stage.

Dana will be playing 7 out 10 tracks from her Album Indigo. Indigo is a multidimensional experience based on an original body of neo-classical music, composed to interact with color and light, and designed to promote an introspective journey towards your higher self. According to the theory of color by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, “we observed that all nature manifests itself by means of color to the sense of light”. Therefore, by manipulating light and color along with a sound experience, we transform the nature of our surroundings. Essentially, we are able to create the story we want to see unfold.

The show consists of a live performance featuring a chamber orchestra, and a light designer projecting light and color curated to transform any setting. Each piece was composed according to a color scheme in order to capture a mood and a state of being. The objective of this experience is to create and engage with a space outside of the noise that occupies the stresses of everyday life. 💜 ✨

Tickets can be found through on the Education City App here which can be downloaded here: