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March 10, 2021

Healing. Connection. Empowerment.

How Dana is leveraging change.

Shifting the paradigms of expectation naturally comes with a weight of responsibility - not only to yourself, and to the people who paved the way before you - but to holding space for the next generation of aspiring artists.

As an industry-acclaimed female artist and composer, Dana has been fortunate enough to have collaborated with some of the world’s leading musicians, earning herself the (equally weighted) moniker of being the only contemporary female composer in Qatar, her home country.

As a commitment to empowering emerging female artists from across the SWANA region and diaspora, Dana is dedicated to extending her knowledge and platform to the community she loves, by spotlighting and sharing the wisdom of the SWANA region’s greatest thinkers and creators, past and present. And more importantly, educating, supporting and collaborating with a new generation of aspiring female SWANA artists in a bid to promote creative thinking, not just as a means to make music, but also as a vehicle for healing and higher consciousness.

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