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Dana Al Fardan is Qatar’s only female contemporary composer. Also a songwriter and symphonic artist, drawing on her rich cultural heritage and influenced by her love of world music, her work is a blend of Arab-influenced contemporary classical, epic in scale and universally accessible. With a considerable local audience, she is already garnering international attention, enhanced by the cross-continental reception to her most recent album release, Sandstorm, and her appointment as the official composer for Qatar Airways, quite literally taking her music to the world as her material entertains passengers on all the airline’s global flight paths.

 Through this and in conjunction with her compositions forming Qatar’s musical canon from scratch, alongside her commitment to education programmes as such as the Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year (QPSCotY) where Dana is the choir Ambassador and has composed the competition theme Wings of the Falcon performed by 700 children on its third edition. Nurturing the creative talents of her country’s next generation, she is contributing the very creation of Qatar’s burgeoning music industry from its very foundations.

 Dana works very closely with the internationally renowned Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO), who regularly perform her music in Doha. Her fourth album, Sandstorm, was recorded by a string ensemble comprised of QPO members, at Doha’s Katara Studios, a world-class recording facility. Guest soloists of the orchestra recently played alongside the London Metropolitan Orchestra at the iconic Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, debuting a full programme of Dana’s repertoire and bringing Qatari music to a UK audience for the first time, to rapturous response.

Dana’s have scored for a British Film, The Necromancer and is currently scoring another film for British directors with a hand-selected international team of talented arrangers, orchestrators and producers, in adition of a series of events in Doha.

Dana has also launched Broken Wings, her acclaimed musical which recently premiered on August 1st, 2018 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in the heart of the West End, London. The musical had a remarkable attendance and all of its shows have sold out.  Broken Wings will be performed in various theatres around the globe in 2019.

The musical was co-written with Nadim Naaman and it is based on Khalil Gibran’s 1912 poetic novel, Broken Wings, the work is a story that that Dana hopes will bring another dimension to people’s understanding of Khalil Gibran as a person and illustrate some of  fundamental points that led to his evolution as the prolific writer that we know. Dana hopes this will appeal to an international audience “Western readers know Gibran from his global best-seller, The Prophet. Broken Wings encompasses everything I love about musical theatre. It is an internationally accessible story, brought to life by the universal language of music. If I found it emotional seeing my album Sandstorm performed on the London stage, seeing my own musical in the West End later this year after a lifetime of being in the audience will probably floor me!”

Broken Wings debut night was on the 1st August 2018, The Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End, London. Broken Wings has sold out The musical was fully booked and it had hduring its five performances and it will be performed in various theatres around the globe in 2019.

A programme of her music has also recently been performed in Moscow, to mark the Qatar Russia Year of Culture 2018 and at the Saint Petersburg International Forum where  her compositions were performed by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. For the first time this year, Dana’s repertoire was taken to the US and performed at the Lincoln Centre. by a chamber orchestra comprised of Alumni from the prestigious Juillard School of music, for members of the United Nations.

Alongside working on new material, Dana has composed the official song for the Lusail Stadium, which will host  the opening and closing matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. As a advocate for peace through cultural dialogue, Dana wrote a bespoke piece of music for the Sheikh Faisal’s traveling art exhibition titled “Cultures in Dialogue” which debuted at UNESCO headquarters in end of 2018. Another composition made public in 2019 is Desert Rose, the branding theme song for the National Museum of Qatar, which will open its door to the public in March 2019.

An aspiring musician from a young age, inspired by the work of a plethora of classical and musical theatre composers, Dana has long hoped for an opportunity to bring the international spotlight to the music and culture of her Qatari homeland. She says, “The state has invested a lot in culture, education and in human capital to give nationals the opportunity and resources to expand their cultural understanding and stand out at a global level. As an artist, my job is to show this to the world.” 

Critical Acclaim for Dana Al Fardan

“A new international sensation in world music” – Arab America

 “Groundbreaking…a musical must-see…a perfect example of the great things the arts world can achieve when several cultures come together…” - Seen in The City, London

 “Al Fardan is at the forefront of professional and influential women in Qatar…” – Culture Whisper, London



by Dana Al Fardan












You can contribute to the "Hope for Gaza" campaign launched by UNRWA that my song was dedicated to. 
I am humbled and impressed by everyone I met at UNRWA as well the kids and staff at the refugee camp. 
Thank you UNRWA for the opportunity and to everyone who volunteered to jump on board with the song for this cause!!! 
The link with details for the campaign is here:

Go Qatar!! Phenomenal performance and demonstration of sportsmanship throughout this tournament!! We are all with you!!! This song is my tribute to the drive, energy and valor displayed in all the challenging moments; qualities that have become synonymous with Qatar it is called “RAISE OUR FLAG”.

Composition and Lyrics: Dana Al Fardan
Aisha: Vocal 
Dmitri Torchinsky: Violinist from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
Juan Pestana: Producer 
Mazen Murad: Mastering
Obada Jarbi: Director 
Fahad Al-Obaidly: Co-Director 
Footage: BeinSport- Road to 2022- Qatar Olympic

Lusail Stadium: Music composed by Dana Al Fardan

Lusail Stadium will host the opening and closing matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The song was produced in Qatar with an incredible team of professionals (Maias Alyamani, Katara Studios, musicians from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Oud player, Percussionist, Rababa and the Naham Singer) More info about the stadium can be found here:

"A compilation of show footage and reviews from the West End premiere of Broken Wings, our brand new musical based on Kahlil Gibran's poetic novel, originally published in 1912. Broken Wings is written by Middle Eastern duo Nadim Naaman and Dana Al Fardam, and was directed by Bronagh Lagan. The musical is produced by Ali Matar, and features orchestration by Joe Davison." The Original Concept Album is available on Itunes and streaming platforms.”

CD copies are available for order at

"Ice Cream" is a short film created by A.J. Al-Thani and developed by the Qatar Financial Centre that tells a powerful human story that captures the daily life of a Qatari family. The movie's underlying theme focuses on inclusion, and the fact that we are all not so different after all - we all love ice cream, right?

Music Vox, Music by Dana Al Fardan - available on Sandstorm Album.

Sandstorm album available on iTunes and all digital streaming platforms.

We’re coming up to 1 year since the illegal blockade on Qatar. A year ago, despite great uncertainties, we remained steadfast behind our principles, and united behind our ruler, who lead by example and maintained high moral standards in the face of adversity. Today, we all stand taller and wiser. We are One Nation and One spirit, bursting with creativity. Dana Al Fardan went back to the studio and reworked the song released last year “One Nation”. The new video released today is to reflect the developments since the siege was announced last 5th of June.

"Sounds of the Library" was composed as the branding song for the Qatar National Library.

The Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani patronised the inauguration of the Qatar National Library (QNL) at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) on the 16th April 2018 at the Qatar National Library (QNL) at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) on the 16th April 2018.

"Qatar National Library (QNL) acts as a steward of Qatar’s national heritage by collecting, preserving and making available the country’s recorded history. In its role as a research library with a preeminent heritage library, QNL fosters and promotes greater global insight into the history and culture of the Gulf region. As a public library, QNL provides equal access for all Qatari residents to an environment that supports creativity, independent decision-making, and cultural development. Through all its functions, QNL provides leadership to the country’s library and cultural heritage sector.

QNL also supports Qatar’s transition from a reliance on natural resources to become a diversified and sustainable economy by providing support to students, researchers, and the public to promote life-long learning and empower individuals and communities for a better future".

My song Airborne was specially composed and recorded in Qatar, December 2017 for Qatar Airways A350-100 Airbus - this is the video of the first commercial Airbus A350-1000 from Toulouse to its home, Doha.

Qatari Composer and Songwriter, Dana Al Fardan Produces Song ‘One Nation’ Featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi and Essa Al Kubaisi in Solidarity with Qatar.
The arabic lyrics were written by Fahal Al Mursel. This project is a truly collaborative effort which includes Qatar Concert Choir, and under the direction of Giovanni Pasini, many international musicians have also contributed to the song including Christoph Schmitz on Cello and as music supervisor, Ferdninand Shaffer on Percussion, Dimitri Torchinski on Violins, Juan Pestana on Keyboards and Base guitar. Mohamed Al Sulaiti further contributed on Oud, as well as Hassan Moataz on Rababa and Yassine Ayari on the Nay.

One Nation is in partnership with ILoveQatar, in collaboration with TQG Productions who have largely endorsed this initiative through supporting with the video and in filming the recording sessions in addition to Mohammed Marzoogi from Katara Studios who have offered their facilities for recording, mixing and mastering under the direction of Matt Howe, a Grammy award winning sound engineer was in charge of the recording and Mazen Murad, a renowned mastering engineer has mastered the track. 

All of the contributors have volunteered to this project as they wanted to spread the message of unity and nationalism and showcase the reality of life in Qatar, which is based on brotherhood and solidarity.