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Dana Al Fardan

Dana Al Fardan is a Qatari composer and songwriter and the founder and CEO of DNA Records, the first record label to be established in Qatar.

Dana discovered her musical interests at an early age; she recalls that at around the age of eight she was distracted in school by her interest in composing a response to Beethoven’s celebrated ‘Fur Elise’. Since childhood, she has developed her music by experimenting with vocal interpretations of her own and others’ compositions, while noting that her enduring experience with music has remained the composition of melodies and lyrics.

Dana's first album Paint was composed during her pregnancy with daughter Layla, who inspired the name of the final song of the collection. Among other musicians, twelve string players from the London Metropolitan orchestra were employed by producer Tim Baxter to fulfil the vision for the album, which was mastered at Abbey Road studios. The release of Paint in November 2013 marked the beginning of a period of more intense collaborative work through 2014 during which Dana continued work with a number of other musicians. In combination with her growing interest in the musical possibilities of Qatar and the Gulf region, this new period of collaboration also saw Dana set up Qatar’s first music label, DNA Records.

As a Qatari musician, Al Fardan has commented that, in her view, culture and heritage cannot be separated from the artistic process. Hoping to increase engagement and interaction with more musicians around the world, she has spoken of her hope to help establish a large-scale music festival in Qatar in order to set the scene for the growth of a serious music industry in the country.

The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, in association with DNA Records, presented Layla at the Katara Opera House in 2015 as an interpretation of Dana Al Fardan’s first album including popular songs ‘Paint’, ‘Pride of a Nation’, and ‘Layla’ along with some of her new compositions. Dana describes the album as being about introspection: ‘It is about looking inside yourself and uncovering the different layers of paint that make up the whole.  It is about personal growth. It seeks to resolve the conflict between self preservation and self awareness.’

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Qatari Composer and Songwriter, Dana Al Fardan Produces Song ‘One Nation’ Featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi and Essa Al Kubaisi in Solidarity with Qatar.
The arabic lyrics were written by Fahal Al Mursel. This project is a truly collaborative effort which includes Qatar Concert Choir, and under the direction of Giovanni Pasini, many international musicians have also contributed to the song including Christoph Schmitz on Cello and as music supervisor, Ferdninand Shaffer on Percussion, Dimitri Torchinski on Violins, Juan Pestana on Keyboards and Base guitar. Mohamed Al Sulaiti further contributed on Oud, as well as Hassan Moataz on Rababa and Yassine Ayari on the Nay.

One Nation is in partnership with ILoveQatar, in collaboration with TQG Productions who have largely endorsed this initiative through supporting with the video and in filming the recording sessions in addition to Mohammed Marzoogi from Katara Studios who have offered their facilities for recording, mixing and mastering under the direction of Matt Howe, a Grammy award winning sound engineer was in charge of the recording and Mazen Murad, a renowned mastering engineer has mastered the track. 

All of the contributors have volunteered to this project as they wanted to spread the message of unity and nationalism and showcase the reality of life in Qatar, which is based on brotherhood and solidarity.