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Dana Al Fardan


Dana Al Fardan is Qatar’s only female contemporary composer. Also a songwriter and symphonic artist, drawing on her rich cultural heritage and influenced by her love of world music, her work is a blend of Arab-influenced contemporary classical, epic in scale and universally accessible. With a considerable local audience, she is already garnering international attention, enhanced by the cross-continental reception to her most recent album release, Sandstorm, and her appointment as the official composer for Qatar Airways, quite literally taking her music to the world as her material entertains passengers on all the airline’s global flight paths.


Dana established her nation’s first and only record label, DNA, in 2016. Through this and in conjunction with her compositions forming Qatar’s musical canon from scratch, alongside her commitment to education programmes nurturing the creative talents of her country’s next generation, she is contributing the very creation of Qatar’s burgeoning music industry from its very foundations.


An aspiring musician from a young age, inspired by the work of a plethora of classical and musical theatre composers, Dana has long hoped for an opportunity to bring the international spotlight to the music and culture of her Qatari homeland, acting as a cultural ambassador through her work both at home and her international collaborations. She says, “The state has invested a lot in culture, education and in human capital to give nationals the opportunity and resources to expand their cultural understanding and stand out at a global level. As an artist, my job is to show this to the world.”


Dana works closely with the internationally renowned Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO), who regularly perform her music in Doha. Her fourth album, Sandstorm, was recorded by a string ensemble comprised of QPO members, at Doha’s Katara Studios, a world-class recording facility, and representatives of the orchestra  played alongside the London Metropolitan Orchestra at the iconic Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, debuting a full programme of Dana’s repertoire and bringing Qatari music to a UK audience for the first time, to rapturous response.


Dana's ongoing projects include two films for British directors with a hand-selected international team of talented arrangers, orchestrators and producers, preparations for a series of concerts in London, and a packed programme of events in Doha. A programme of her music has also recently been performed in Moscow to mark the launch of the Qatar Russia year of Culture 2018. 


Critical Acclaim for Dana Al Fardan

“A new international sensation in world music” – Arab America

 “Groundbreaking…a musical must-see…a perfect example of the great things the arts world can achieve when several cultures come together…” - Seen in The City, London

 “Al Fardan is at the forefront of professional and influential women in Qatar…” – Culture Whisper, London



by Dana Al Fardan









Qatari Composer and Songwriter, Dana Al Fardan Produces Song ‘One Nation’ Featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi and Essa Al Kubaisi in Solidarity with Qatar.
The arabic lyrics were written by Fahal Al Mursel. This project is a truly collaborative effort which includes Qatar Concert Choir, and under the direction of Giovanni Pasini, many international musicians have also contributed to the song including Christoph Schmitz on Cello and as music supervisor, Ferdninand Shaffer on Percussion, Dimitri Torchinski on Violins, Juan Pestana on Keyboards and Base guitar. Mohamed Al Sulaiti further contributed on Oud, as well as Hassan Moataz on Rababa and Yassine Ayari on the Nay.

One Nation is in partnership with ILoveQatar, in collaboration with TQG Productions who have largely endorsed this initiative through supporting with the video and in filming the recording sessions in addition to Mohammed Marzoogi from Katara Studios who have offered their facilities for recording, mixing and mastering under the direction of Matt Howe, a Grammy award winning sound engineer was in charge of the recording and Mazen Murad, a renowned mastering engineer has mastered the track. 

All of the contributors have volunteered to this project as they wanted to spread the message of unity and nationalism and showcase the reality of life in Qatar, which is based on brotherhood and solidarity.