SANDSTORM CONCERT - Live performance in Doha by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at the Katara Opera House

The album will be performed live in Doha for the first time with 2 new songs Lustre and Fjiri. 

Lustre, a collaboration between solo violinist and prominent member of the QPO, Maias Alyamani, with Al Fardan writing the music and Alyamani arranging it.

"This song is a reference to the lustrous, silvery-white substance that is emitted from pearls and is also a nod to the Al Fardan family’s heritage and pearl trading background.

Dana's  second new piece, Fijiri, is a traditional genre of music synonymous with pearl diving and this featured local Qatari drummers performing the rhythmic patterns characteristic of “Fijiri”, and a “nahham” chanting about the stories of the sea, alongside the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.